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Aluminium Windows

The famous quote “Keep creating new windows from which to look at your world” is proof enough that the importance of windows goes beyond its primary utility in letting in light and air. Today, windows have high-levels of functionality and beauty to complement the interior as well as the exteriors of your property. At MLI Building Products Ltd in West Sussex, we offer you an extensive choice of aluminium windows which will enhance the interiors and provide thermal insulation.

Since 1997, we have carved a niche for ourselves in delivering quality windows and excellent services. If you think that aluminium windows come in only one colour, we are here to challenge it. We use anodising and powder finishes to ensure that you are offered with a variety of colours and choices to get a window that perfectly complements the interior of your home. Our channel partners are the leading aluminium window manufacturers and what you get in turn, is a product of the highest quality.

UPVC Windows

MLI Building Products Ltd is the most trusted and quality oriented UPVC window manufacturers in West Sussex and we aim to serve you with the best possible choice of UPVC products. Crafted to add class to your houses and commercial premises, the UPVC windows come in a wide range of choices like Casement Windows, Sliding Windows, Top Hung Windows, Tilt and Turn Windows.

In comparison to the traditional wooden framed windows, the UPVC windows are much more practical and elementary. With UPVC windows, the finishing becomes easy and maintenance becomes effortless. Not only are they durable and long lasting but also a perfect blend of class and elegance. We aim to help our clients build peaceful dwellings and UPVC windows help us cater to the same.

UPVC Conservatories

Our goal is to provide the highest quality care for your UPVC conservatories to ensure structural integrity and customer satisfaction. With years of experience and extensive resources we are able to resolve minor issues, restore badly neglected conservatories to their former glory or upgrade glazing with the latest energy saving glass.

We understand that every home is different and, as such, it is paramount that your UPVC conservatories are tailor made to suit your living space. When designing a conservatory, we consider all these factors that are important to you.